Webdesign and IT

Our apologies for the lack of information, but we are currently working on providing you with a lot of exciting information within the area, and there's so much we want to be able to show to you:

  • Our webshops, where we combine internet sales with sales from your own shop
  • Our web- og reservation-solutions for restaurants, where we can do online reservation and exciting websites showing your magnificent dishes
  • Our point-of-sale system, R-POS, for restaurants
  • Our rental management system for B & B, hotels and holiday camps, with online reservation as well as a complete management system
  • Our Care4Hair system for hairdressers, with an online booking part, that can be used by spas, massage, physiotherapists...
  • Our course- and conference-booking system
  • ... and a lot of other stuff

Until we're done, please contact us, and we'll gladly tell you about our solutions - thanks for your patience.