We are more than ‘just another web design company’ – we have more than 30 years of experience within the IT business, and staff with ITIL and TOGAF certifications – and we have delivered projects up to more and a million in price for various clients... we know what we are talking about, when it comes to IT. We love to develop web solutions, but we are not just another ‘garage company’, able to develop a few websites. Your business can grow with us.

We see photography as an extremely important part of the term visual communication – we are working really hard every time to assure, that we can deliver pictures telling exactly the story, that you'll want to pass on to new or existing clients. We have an in-house photography staff, that have proven their skills numerous times thru their work. Of course, this is a big advantage for us as well, when we are developing web solutions.

Our video department are able to solve a lot of different jobs, from conversion of media (from analog to digital), to full-blown video production and digital editing, from recording to final product. We have close contacts to people within

  • Music, from the Royal Academy of Music
  • Movies, with degrees in movie science

… which means, that we are able to do almost any possible kind of job

About J & L group

Welcome to J & L group - your one-stop shop for IT and visual communication.

We are a 'young' company, started in 2014, by people with a lot of experience, within their main areas, but also with experience on how to run a company. Our focus area is, besides you as a customer, to be able to deliver 'value for money' in all our solutions. Our company is built on the simple philosophy, that you, as a customer, only need to shop at one place for all the visual communication you need, to provide top-class service to your clients and customers. That's why we have a staff of IT-developers, photographers and video people 'in-house', minimizing the possible loss of information between the specialists, and providing you with the best service.

Our company is based in Ballerup, close to Copenhagen, in Denmark, but today serving international customers, as well as customers from most of Denmark. We look forward to doing business with you.